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AFPPA Student Scholarship Application

The Association of Family Practice Physician Assistants is pleased to offer scholarship awards to first and second year physician assistant students. Awards are made to those who are student members of the AFPPA, have demonstrated a special interest in primary care medicine, and are currently in good academic standing.

Scholarships awarded are for $1,000 (first year students) and $1,500 (second year students.)


  • Submit an essay (750 words or less) that describes your commitment to primary care medicine and how your current and past community involvement demonstrates this commitment. Also, describe efforts to support and promote the PA profession.
  • Complete the registration form and forward it to a faculty member, along with your statement. The faculty member then must complete the form and forward the registration form, faculty form, and statement from an official school e-mail address.

Your application will be scored based on your essay and faculty recommendations; therefore, it is very important to make sure judges have a clear understanding as to why YOU deserve this award.

ONLY COMPLETE E-MAIL APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED. Additionally, PDF or scanned documents will not be considered. Only documents in Microsoft Word or compatible formats can be accepted.

Please advise your faculty member to submit the complete application to:

Rene McCarty, PA-C
AFPPA Scholarship Committee Chair

The deadline for receipt of your scholarship application is September 1. Please note that late or incomplete applications will NOT be considered!



(Copy and paste into an email below this line)


AFPPA Student Scholarship Applicant Information:


Name: __________________________________________________



Phone: ________________ Email: __________________________

Name of PA Program: _____________________________________(must be an accredited program)

AFPPA Membership Number: _______________

Are there special circumstances that you would like the scholarship committee to take into consideration? Please describe them briefly below.


Please have faculty email the information below along with the student´s information/essay to scholarshipchair@afppa.org





This page is to be completed by PA Program Faculty

Student´s Name: __________________________________________

PA Faculty Member´s Name: _______________________________

Faculty Phone/Contact Number: _____________________________

Name of Program/University: _____________________________

As of September 1 of this year, has the applicant been a PA student more or less than 12 months?

Is this student in good academic standing? ___Yes ___ No

What specific characteristics make this student outstanding in some way?

How do you describe this applicant´s potential for being successful in a primary care setting?

Please forward both the students completed portion and yours to scholarshipchair@afppa.org.

Only COMPLETE applications can be considered.

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